My Cheese Room

Well this is a spin off of a dream I’ve had (for what seems like a really long time) of running and living on a small sustainable farm.

The artisan cheese making evolved probably a year in! ┬áMy artisan cheese plan has been “in the works” for 2-3 years now, which is double the amount of time I thought it would take. Now we are at the point of changing what use to be a small tractor barn into my new cheese processing room which is no small feat due to government dairy regulations.

The British milking sheep are hopefully(!) all bred (although I have my doubts) and will be birthing in April/May and this is the milk I will be using to make the cheese for sale this year.

I have my small converted cheese vat, stainless sinks and counter tops, walk-in fridge that will be converted into a cheese cave, new windows and doors and cooling system for the fresh milk all stored in the garage and barns just waiting to be installed. I am going to record our progress on my blog with pictures as well. Not sure if i realize what I have gotten myself into with this “dream”, but ignorance is bliss….


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