Mushrooms,Nuts and Fruit

…..and im not here to talk about my family members….!!

we decided to put  a  2 acre ”lawn” area to better use !! a small orchard , why not..(way more beautiful).so we have ordered and will be planting a number of nut trees, fruit trees including Asian pears this spring.we already have nectarines,apples,pear and plum trees and lots of different fruit bushes, but you can never have enough fruit trees and bushes.i will just have to practise patience for the next couple of years or so until they start producing ….

in our small maple forested area we will be putting 30 inoculated oak logs for our own shitake mushrooms,these will give me mushrooms this year, thank goodness!. At 8lb of mushrooms per log a year i better start collecting preserving recipes now !

and adding an extra 100 asparagus roots to my already 400 roots that i planted 2 years ago !!! each root gives approx. 5-10 spears in a season,luckily my family and friends never get sick of the freebies !!

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