Thankyou Chef Lynn

I’ve always had an admiration for Chef  Lynn Crawford , for more than a few reasons , the main one, like myself , she’s found her passion in life and is living it to its fullest.

Its not easy being a sustainable farmer sometimes , but even when the weather or animals are not co-operating I still love what im doing and would’nt swop it for nothing , it helps when someone like Chef Lynn stars in a t.v. series like “pitchin in” other than the fact its funny as hell,it puts a spot light on farmers doing what they love and producing good food. If you havent managed to watch the show yet…find the time , its well worth it , wether your a foodie or a farmer !

and she walks the walk,check out her store Ruby Eats  where she sells local food and her restaurant Ruby watch co.

I met Chef Lynn back in January at a book signing ( for her new cook book ) at the passionate cook ,I have to say she is as real in person as she is on her show.

While running a restaurant , store and shooting a new season of  “pitchin in” she still took the time last week to write a lovely tweet about me and a link to my website….thankyou Chef Lynn !


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