from rat race to farm race !

I may have stepped further away from the so called “rat race” to follow my dream of living sustainably but I still feel like I’m in some kind of race…..BUT ITS A GOOD RACE….

Between planting 20 more rhubarb roots,small nut orchard,clearing 7 acres of bush and pine trees,collecting over 50 oak logs for my shiitake mushroom spores,moving 6 wild piglets to their new area and then losing our cover on the small coverall that houses my very pregnant milking sheep……

Luckly I had another coverall building  and paddock ready to move them to when the gale force winds kicked in yesterday and claimed my first building,the sheep where quite happy as they moved to a lovely new green grassed paddock and fresh new building with jugs(individual stalls) set up ready for when they give birth,so mother nature does have good timing !!

I will be inoculating the oak logs in a couple of weeks which should produce a few hundered pounds of mushrooms by next year.They will be in a nice shaded area in the maples where we get our maple sap from.

The piglets are now settled in their new small forested area after “pigerating” my compost hill near the barn and getting a “hoofs “on lesson in electric fencing !

The clearing we did produced lots of pine posts that we will be recycling into shelters for the 7 paddocks.we will also be using the thicker branches for wind/sun breaks on the sides and roof of the shelters instead of plywood as they are only summer paddocks and I love the thought that nothing is getting wasted.the goats,sheep and cows have all been eating their share of the smaller pine branches,they actually sprint across the paddocks when they see us with the branches !

My turkey eggs just went into my incubator and some of my heritage chickens are hatching their own eggs right now as they have all been in their own separated area by breed for the last month and a half.

The baby lambs and goats are due any day and I run to check every morning but no babies yet…….i know after having 3 children in 3 years ,when i see that familiar look and waddle in them that its nearly time……!!

I will add pictures to the gallery of all the new happenings as soon as possible.


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