lambs,kids,fiddleheads and asparagus !

thats one way of knowing its spring…..the lambs have been arriving on a regular basis for the last 2 weeks and just this week the goat kids have taken the staring roll !

we cannot really tell the lambs apart so we tatoo  and tag them with with their own numbers ,but the goats we can easily tell them apart,and have decided that this year they will all have old names so the latest 2 doe kids are called deloris and molly…..

we decided to make a dinner using as much stuff as we could produce….and the outcome was…..

pizza with our own tomatoe sauce,our asparagus,fiddleheads from the forest,fresh made mozerella from our jersey cow, some of our own chicken barbecued, and the last bit of parmesan i made last year. also we had fresh made bread with some smoked trout that my sons caught down the road on their uncles property…..

what an awesome dinner.


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